We have our OWN Identity

We are Registered Troup

Rudragarjana is registered at "Dharmaday Ayuktalay, Pune" in foundation year only. We have our permenant registered number as "MH/1004/2013" or "महाराष्ट्र/१००४/२०१३".

Rudragarjana Vadyapathak has its own Identity for all purposes. We have our own pattern for displaying banner or banner used during our events. The patterns are displayed in above slideshow. Golden yellow gradient to orange (specific) shade with floral background and red color is our combination. Color reversal might be possible.

Using name "Rudragarjana Vadyapathak" without our prior permission is strictly not allowed. It might lead one to legal actions. We are registered with our name and our registration number is also mentioned above.

We are Charitable Trust

Rudragarjana is registered under "Charitable Trust Act".

Performing during the festive seasons is not only the motto for establishment of Rudragarjana. We always remembers our social responsibilities, and frequently trying to conduct Social activities.Activities that helps to spread joy in various sectors of our society are carried out by Rudragarjana. During these social activities we have always one thougth in our mind for the social as well as growth of our nation. Rudragarjana feel proud to be a part of social activities.

Dhol Tasha Generation TRADEMARK

Rudragarjana has own logo trademarked with our registered organisation "DHOL TASHA GENERATION".

Rudragarjana has own group/ organisationed named "DHOL TASHA GENERATION (DTG)". We also have our own logo with DTG. The logo is displayed above. We have few keypoints with our logo viz.; The player in logo has 2 hands; and the flag is inclined in forward direction.

We have registered our logo at TRADEMARK REGISTRY of INDIA / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, INDIA. Using our logo without our prior permission is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED We have trademark with name "DHOL TASHA GENERATION"; so use of same name is not allowed. Using Dhol Tasha Generation name or logo for any kind of business or personal use or for social media purpose or for copyright purpose is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED & considered as violation of Trademark act; may cause one for legal actions. Many similar logos (visiually) is available on internet; but using our logo (havong mentioned key points) with change of color of in Black and white form may lead one for legal actions.

We have Our Own Customized Merchandise

We have our own customised merchandise for our members. Our design always take care to deliver best quality merchandise. Our logo and name always reflects on our merchandise sections;